Discover The Proven e-Commerce Formula That Has Generated My Students Over USD $1,500,000+ In Sales.. Without Owning A Single Product!
ZERO inventory investment. No Technical Knowledge. No Experience Required.
And the best part is, you can do this from the comfort of your own home with just a laptop & internet connection!
I invite you to join my Ultimate E-COMMERCE Coaching Program where I reveal EVERYTHING you need to know in order to build profitable e-Commerce business and scale it up to 6-figure a year.
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Our Students' Results: Over USD $1.5 Million+ & Counting..
Adriane - $5,000 Net Profit In 30 Days!
Samantha - $100,000+ With Just 1 Product!
Darren Lee - $328,000+ In Sales
Joey Chew - $300,000+ In Sales
Cynthia - $100,000+ In Sales
Dean Henry - $11,000+ Within 30 Days!
Jonathan Liu - $240,000+ In Sales
Our Students Getting Sales Within 24 Hours of Launching Their First Ever Facebook Ad Campaign!
Wendy Song - First Sale In 3 hours!
Michael Uy - First Sale In 4 Hours!
Wallace - First 2 Sales In 10 hours!
Hey, Gerald here...

I believe you’re here because you want to learn how to make money online or build a profitable online business...

Even without any experience and how you can do this easily.

Pay close attention.

Today you are going to discover how you can leverage on AliExpress (retail arm owned by Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba) and Shopify (an e-Commerce platform) to build a 6-figure per year e-commerce online business with a simple proven system (you can see all the success stories and testimonials in this website)..

And the best part is you can do this by just spending a couple of hours of your spare time per day...

If you take action and “copy & paste” my simple system, you too can generate thousands of dollar with this e-commerce business model – guaranteed!

Now, in case you don't know who I am, allow me to quickly introduce myself.

My name is Gerald Soh and I'm from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I'm an International Speaker, Amazon Bestselling Author and Internet Marketing Coach.
That's me speaking on stage at Internet Wealth Summit, sharing my life story to 200 people from all around the world.
I wasn't born successful or lucky...

You see... back in 2008 after graduating from university (with a degree in BioHealth Science)... I had no direction in life. So I followed my friends and applied for a full-time job as a credit analyst in a financial institution. 
The photo above showed how stressful I was. I worked hard every day 845am - 9pm. I worked overtime because I was from the science background and I had a lot to learn about the finance world. I worked really hard but after 2 years... I realized that my savings account was always close to zero and I can never become a millionaire with my fixed salary at RM2,800 (USD$700) per month.

So then I decided to change and become a medical sales representative because I heard that some of my friends were making 3x the amount of my RM2,800 (USD$700) salary!
I thought this "new life" would be a life-changing experience for me but I was wrong...

I was assigned to sell Viagra and because I was horrible in doing sales, I couldn't hit my sales target... which equals to less income... which equals to stressful life again. At the same time, I realized that I wasn't doing something that I'm passionate about - in fact I asked myself, "What in the world am I doing with my life selling Viagra and getting scolded by doctors?".  I'm not meant to do this... I deserve a better life and I'm meant to do GREAT THINGS in life!

After few months working in this new job, I became very stressed up and unhappy again. I knew that I need to find a solution...

That was when I discovered Internet Marketing and found out that we can actually make money online. So I took the leap of faith and quit my full-time job to pursue Internet Marketing. I officially started my "Internet Marketing Career" back in January 2012. 

Fast forward to today I'm blessed to be able to build two 6-figure online businesses from the comfort of my own home. What's more important, I'm able to give my family a better life - financial and time freedom.

I shall not bore you with my life story.... lets go straight to the point...

Once you get access to my proven e-Commerce system, you too can get sales 24 hours a day and even while you're sleeping (income proof below)
This system is so powerful that it generated USD$130,270.73 for one of our websites in a niche that I'm totally not familiar with!
How about generating USD$50,539.47 per month with one website? Isn't this awesome? 
That's over RM200,000+ per month!
I am sure you can imagine the freedom and lifestyle this e-commerce income gave me…

Thanks to this proven system, I’ve been able to change my life completely.

Take a look:
We get to travel all around the world.. anytime and anywhere we like!
I get to provide the best for my family and children.
I bought a nice car to pamper myself ;)
I get to travel all around the world to mastermind with experts and millionaires!
We organized high level masterminds with e-commerce experts 
to help our students to go to the next level!
Online Business Has Given Me Financial & Time Freedom...
Malaysia Just Became Alibaba's First Overseas E-Hub
Jack Ma and Malaysia's Prime Minister just launched the world's first Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) on 22nd March 2017. It is aimed at doubling the nation's e-commerce growth and increase the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contribution to RM211 billion by 2020.

So why am I sharing this with you?

This is because e-Commerce will be huge in the coming years... not only in Asia but all around the world. If you're living in Asia or doing dropshipping, pay close attention...
Here's How You Can Leverage On AliExpress (retail side of Alibaba) To Dominate Mobile Commerce That Will Rake In Over $90 Billion In Sales In The United States!
If you have not started your online business yet, NOW is the best time to start your e-Commerce business selling physical products online. The whole world is your playground and you can sell to any countries that you like such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Spain... you name it!

The whole game plan is to source low cost, high demand and good quality products from AliExpress and sell them to other countries like United States via dropshipping at a higher price point. Well, if you want to sell to Asia, that is totally fine too but I like United States because of the currency conversion ;)

Essentially, you can follow these 3 steps to build a profitable e-Commerce business:
Step 1 - Build A Shopify Store
There are many other e-commerce platforms but we choose Shopify because it is the most user-friendly platform (in my honest opinion) and we can set up our stores as fast as within 24 hours! 377,500 entrepreneurs can't be wrong! They've sold over $29 Billion Dollars!
Step 2 - Find Hot & High Demand Products In AliExpress
AliExpress has thousands of hot and high demand products in hundreds of different niches. Saturation and competition is never an issue. I'll show you how we source for great products at a very low cost... within 10 minutes! It is really easy but if you're lazy to do this part, you'll love Fast Action Bonus #3 where my team has done all the work for you ;)
Step 3 - Advertise On Facebook & Get Sales!
There are many ways to drive traffic (visitors) to your website but Facebook Ads are hands down the easiest method to master and get results fast. Many of my students get sales within the first 24 hours of running their first ever ad campaign. It is a proven system. You just need to follow step-by-step.
You're Only One Winning Product Away...
You may be thinking "Only one winning product?!" 

Well, the truth is... building a profitable e-Commerce business has never been easier. You only need one source of traffic and one winning product to generate thousands of dollars in sales with Shopify. Each of our students are building their Shopify business for different reasons... 

My guess is that for most of you, you are just one winning product away from:  
Imagine What's Possible After Your Product Takes Off!
After coaching more than 100 students from all around the world, I have concluded that making money online with Shopify is the easiest method ever. 

It is so easy that many of my students are getting sales within 24 hours of launching their first Facebook Ads.

And from all the success stories, I noticed something... You only need ONE WINNER PRODUCT to make your first $1,000 or $10,000 with Shopify.  

We want you to understand that you're literally just one winning product away... from your hopes, your dreams, your future!

And at the same time, a lot of my online friends wanted to know how I built a 6-figure e-Commerce online business with Shopify in such a short period of time.

So today, I’ve decided to do something special for you…

I've created the most epic coaching program ever (in my entire 7-year career), which consists of 4 weeks of intensive coaching. All the training videos will be recorded and available in the members area every week.
The Ultimate e-Commerce Coaching Program
Your Shortcut To Building A $5,000/Month e-Commerce Business
The Ultimate e-Commerce Coaching Program is a 4-week coaching program focusing on building a profitable e-commerce business leveraging on AliExpress and Shopify. Every week, your new training video will be available in the members area. These are pre-recorded training videos. Ultimately, my goal is to help you go from zero to $5,000 per month and then scale it up to 6 figures a year.
What Will I Be Trained On
Week 1 - Overall Game Plan + Website Setup + Research
- I will hand you (on a silver platter) a proven 6-figure per year e-commerce business blueprint that you can implement IMMEDIATELY today.

- You will get access to a MILLION DOLLAR website theme (yes, we have generated over $1M in sales collectively with this theme).

- Discover our proven formula to uncover passionate audiences within just 15 minutes… so that you can get results fast!

- Learn our proprietary research methods that not only we’re using ourselves but also many other 7 and 8 figure e-commerce experts are using RIGHT NOW. To make this component sweeter, I’ll record a special video to share one of our “secret method” that sold 2,000+ units of a simple product… it took us just a few minutes to find this product! When you know this method, all you need to do is rinse and repeat ;)
Week 2 - Facebook Ads Mastery
- Copy & paste our proven Facebook Ads template that has generated over 7-figure in sales for us and our students. This works for any niches and products.

- On a shoe-string budget? Then you can implement my "Secret Low Budget Facebook Ads Formula". With this formula, you only need $5-$10 per ad per day to get started if you have limited advertising budget.

- Get access to many other Facebook Ad tutorials in the members area. I personally traveled 28 hours all the way to California and invested $7,000 to learn Facebook Ads from Nicholas Kusmich, the World's Highest ROI Facebook Ads Strategist... and I'm passing down my knowledge to you in this program. You're welcome ;)
Week 3 - Branding & Niche Domination
- Our goal is simple... to build a profitable and long term e-Commerce business (not just fast money). Yes, fast and quick money is good but we need to build assets and brands so that we can be profitable for many years to come. I'll share how we take branding to the next level and dominate our niche (so that we don't have to worry about competitors).

- You'll discover proven strategies on how you can build a passionate community and brand so that your followers will keep buying from you over and over again!
Week 4 - Scaling Up To The Next Level
- Once you’ve gotten consistent sales every day/week/month, it is time for you to scale up your ad campaigns to the next level. In week #4, you’re going to get access to some high level training videos and secrets that we’ve never revealed to the public before. 

- We (me and other e-commerce experts) recorded some special training videos and have kept them in a secret vault all these while… and we are revealing them to you for the first time in The Ultimate e-Commerce Coaching Program.

- You'll also learn other proven strategies on how you can scale your e-commerce business to the next level overall.
Don't Take My Word On How Powerful My Coaching Is....
Take The Word Of My Students Getting Results
Yeoh Ken Nee from Malaysia - Malaysian Athlete
Made USD$1,000+ in sales within 4 weeks and 
only spend 2-3 hours of spare time per day!
Law Ing Kin from Malaysia - Medical Sales Rep. and an Amazing Mother
From Beginner To Generating Few Hundred Dollars A Day Within Just 8 Weeks!
Testimonials For My Shopify Webinars & Trainings
I invite you to join my Ultimate e-Commerce Coaching Program 
where I reveal EVERYTHING you need to know in order to build 
profitable e-Commerce business and scale it up to 6-figure a year.
Today: Only $3,997 $997 - very limited time offer
This Will Be the MOST PROFITABLE Experience of Your Life... GUARANTEED!
The goal of The Ultimate e-Commerce Coaching Program is to create marketers who have truly mastered REAL online business so that they do not need "tricks, schemes, and get rich quick" methods to make money.
With that being said, in the members area, there are a collection of easy money tactics you can use to get started and fund yourself super quickly. These are insanely easy methods that even a complete beginner can use to reasonable make money in a few weeks time.
So, here is my 100% promise to you.

I promise you that I will not give up on you. I promise you that I will continue to build upon this academy. I promise you that I will deliver more than you see here on this page. I promise that I will do my best to ensure you have a great buying experience as a member.

Will there be issues along the way? Yes. Let’s be real. But I promise that I will work tirelessly to fix those issues, and to make up for them with significant value. I promise that this will not be one of those “shady” programs that you see pop up from time to time. I’ll prove to you that Ultimate e-Commerce Coaching Program is a REAL program where students get REAL results, and where members experience exceptional customer service and top-notch training.

This is my promise to you. From my heart.

I’d love to help YOU have massive success this year as a result of what you learn in this course, and I’d love to share your testimonial of success with the world (with your permission of course).

If you are ready to take massive action, then I encourage you to click the "Get Started" button and join this amazing program, and see for yourself that I really do care about quality, content, and commitment to my customers. Give me a shot, I won’t let you down.

Take action and see you on the other side.
I invite you to join my Ultimate e-Commerce Coaching Program 
where I reveal EVERYTHING you need to know in order to build 
profitable e-Commerce business and scale it up to 6-figure a year.
Today: Only $997 - very limited time offer
This is the ONLY time you will be able to get it at this very low, discounted price. 
FAST ACTION BONUS #1 - Hangout With The Experts Collection (Priceless)
This is a mega collection of "Hangout With The Experts" where I interviewed successful entrepreneurs, eCom experts, Facebook Ad Experts and marketers doing 6-8 figure in revenue per year. Collectively, the total net worth of everyone in this photo is easily over $500 Million Dollars. 

Some of them charge thousands of dollars for a 1 hour consultation and in our hangouts, they shared their inspiring stories, words of wisdom and proven strategies that have generated millions of dollars in sales for their businesses. 

This bonus is PRICELESS. Below are the list of speakers in no particular order:

1) Fred Lam - Built a $25 Million dollars e-Commerce empire within just a few years.

2) Nicholas Kusmich - World's leading expert in Facebook Ads. His work has been responsible for generating tens of millions of new leads and hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue.

3) David Schloss - Social Advertising Expert (with the focus on FB and Instagram). Spends $3 Million dollars per month in advertising.

4) Steve Tan - 8-figure entrepreneur and created record for generating USD $2 Million in sales within 30 days with Shopify.

5) Lowell Rempel - Built multiple 8-figure companies, ranging from a retail store chain, to a marketing company (at the same time).

6) Manie Amari - Generated $371,000 within 5 weeks with Shopify.

7) Anik Singal - How he sold over USD$200 Million dollars online!

8) Albert Leonardo - Facebook Marketing Coach & eCommerce Entrepreneur. Created history in TeeSpring for selling 20,000+ units of a t-shirt design.

9) Ben Malol - Facebook Marketing Expert. Built multiple 7-figure e-Commerce stores.

10) Peter Szabo - 19 year old wonder kid & Facebook Ads Expert. Spends $2 Million per year on advertising.

11) Nishant Bhardwaj - 7-Figure Multi Platform E-Commerce Entrepreneur.

12) Darren Lee - Generated $100K in sales for 1 winner product with Shopify.

13) Jonathan & Bridget - Started as beginners and generated $240K+ in sales within 12 months.

14) Naidy Phoon - How be built multiple 6-7 figure online businesses and became an Internet Millionaire

15) Desmond Ong - Made his first million at the age of 21 years old. World #1 Business Growth Specialist.

16) Edmund Loh - One of Asia's Top Internet Entrepreneur.

17) Matt Schmitt - One of the biggest Shopify sellers on the planet!
We have tested many different types of Shopify themes and apps and we are proud to say that we have found a "winner". This specific theme has generated hundreds and thousands of dollars in sales collectively. You can get access to it now and use it to build your store - and make money online every single day ;)
(WORTH $3,000)
Research is one of the most important component when it comes to building a profitable e-commerce business. It can be time-consuming, tedious and challenging for some people... but not for my students! Our research team has done all the work for you. We did this research this for our own but I've decided to give it to you to help you get results faster. Just pick and choose your favorite niche and product. Now you know why ALL my students get results fast ;)
This component alone could potentially generate $100,000 in sales for you this year. We have used this method over and over again to find many winner products. It might be time consuming or tedious if you don't know how to do it "the right way" but no worries. My awesome team have done all the hard work for you. It's yours for 100% free.
Shopify store setup is very easy but in case you want to set up your store the same way as we set up ours to build multiple 6-figure stores, I've personally recorded step-by-step tutorial videos for you.. everything from A-Z. It is as good as over-the-shoulder coaching from me.
This component is very important as you have the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded people from all around the world. When you surround yourself with the "right people", there is no way that you cannot succeed. We will grow together as a community and family.
This is priceless. No one else in the industry offers this because support is very time consuming but my team and I always stand by our brand and will go to the extra mile to help all my students and clients. We will do our best to give you the best service we can.
This is the ONLY time you will be able to get it at this very low, discounted price. 
What Others Are Saying About Gerald Soh..
Patric Chan - Best-selling Author of Multiple Books, International Speaker of 12 Countries, ClickBank Super Affiliate & Internet Marketing Pioneer.
Daniel Tan - Founder & CEO of Marketers Media
Note: We do not provide refunds for any of our digital products / training – including webinars (unless otherwise noted). Our information is proven to work for those who implement it and if you do not implement, we cannot be responsible for the lack of results you will get. If you have no intention to implement, please do not purchase any of our programs.
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